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Shield Coin Launches Cryptocurrency Insurance for Investors


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Who Is Shield Coin?


Shield coin is a pioneer cryptocurrency insurance company, providing a safer investing experience.

The purpose of Shield Coin is to pave the way for smart money, pension funds, and more
traditional investments to flow into the crypto space, weeding out scam tokens and providing
a layer of protection for all crypto holders.


We’ve witnessed many stories of cryptocurrency investors who have struck gold with their
cryptocurrency investments.

While you may be thinking of big names like Elon Musk, the people
who we share offices with and go to school with are also making a fortune from their
investments in this industry.

At the same time, we’ve also heard about investors who experienced
devastating losses thanks to an investment gone wrong.

It can be hard to make the distinction between a wise crypto investment and an unwise crypto
investment, simply because each new project promises massive returns.

It’s not at all unusual for crypto developers to promise investors huge gains,
and this makes it easy for malicious actors to take advantage of optimistic investors.

One way to make good investments is through education.
Learning the signs of a bad investment before you invest any money can help you to avoid
losing money. Additionally, you can also ensure your crypto investments.


How does cryptocurrency insurance work?


While some cryptocurrency exchanges offer insurance for crypto investors when they’re buying
assets, this kind of insurance comes with limitations that still leave investors vulnerable.

It is for this reason that the team at Shield Coin has developed their cryptocurrency insurance –


“Before this, cryptocurrency insurance did not exist,” says Shield Coin
founder Yushuwa Nettles. “If a holder was scammed, they had no
recourse – no means of restarting their investment. We believe that
every crypto investor deserves protection against scams, so we
developed Shield Coin to do just that.”

This insurance is based on a risk-sharing agreement between the Shield Coin project and Shield
Coin holders. In order to qualify, investors must hold a minimum of $250 in Shield Coin and
invest in a low- or medium-risk project.

Investors are given guidance on low- or medium-risk projects to invest in based on Shield Coin’s
most current Coin Risk Rating (CRR) publication.

Cryptosurance protects the investor’s original investment up to, but not exceeding, their active
coverage amount.

Why getting crypto-insurance is a good idea?


When it comes to the theft of cash, there is a limit on how much the criminals can take. Also,
there is a higher probability of finding your cash through tracing.

However, when it comes to crypto, the criminals can take an unlimited amount and vanish for good.
Since the blockchain technology that underlies cryptocurrency is immutable, there is a guarantee
tokens can be recovered if they’re stolen. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure your crypto

By ensuring your investment, you’re one step closer to protecting yourself in the event that you
make a bad investment.

Furthermore, the team at Shield Coin goes one step further to help token
holders to proactively avoid risky investments.

By educating the Shield Coin community on the signs of risky cryptocurrency investment,
the Shield Coin team can help investors avoid putting themselves in risky situations,
to begin with.

In order to avoid losing money to scammers or fraudsters, many people would rather avoid
investing in the cryptocurrency space altogether.

However, when you have crypto-insurance and you’re educated on how to make the
distinction between a good investment and a risky one, you can invest more confidently.

As a result, you can join the list of people who are profiting from
smart crypto investments.


About Shield Coin

Shield Coin is the first token built to provide Cryptosurance – insurance for cryptocurrency

By holding Shield Coin, cryptocurrency investors can protect their initial investment up to their active coverage amount.

In addition to protecting their investment, Shield Coin holders earn 7% $BUSD rewards on all transactions.